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Acquiring A Post-Decree Motion

Sometimes, unforeseen events or circumstances occur that require a change in the original child custody agreement.​ Job loss, health issues or a parent needing to relocate for work are all common reasons for modifying agreements. A divorce agreement that was made a few years ago may not serve the best interests of the children anymore. If you already have an existing custody order and wish to modify it, there are certain criteria that must be met. I am Amanda Mason-Sekula, and I will work with you to determine if there is a change in circumstances that warrants such a modification.

Modifying Support Payments

Spousal maintenance awards are also subject to change. Things like alterations in child-related expenses and significant changes in income are often the catalysts for reviewing and revising maintenance awards. I can help assess your chances of getting support payments revised and represent you in court.

Oftentimes, an updated agreement can be reached by attending mediation or other an alternative dispute resolution method. If that is not a possibility, I am prepared to file a modification case with the court and protect your best interests.

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