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Visitation And Parenting Time Rights In Minnesota

Last updated on June 20, 2023

Child custody, visitation and parenting time schedules are always designed to be in the best interests of the children, but the amount of time each parent is granted with the children is determined by the unique circumstances of each case. While Minnesota law does grant a minimum of 25% visitation to the noncustodial parent, that can be reduced or eliminated based on conflicts and concerns affecting the child.

My name is Amanda Mason-Sekula, and I have extensive experience helping parents fight for visitation and parenting time rights. I can help you get a visitation schedule that is fair and meets the best interests of the children.

Factors Considered In Setting Visitation Schedules

When a court determines custody and parenting time the court looks at several factors, including:

  • The relationship of each parent with the child
  • Any physical or mental health issues of the parent
  • Medical conditions or mental health needs of the child
  • The history of each parent in caring for the child
  • The emotional or spiritual needs of the child
  • The ability of each parent to provide housing and care for the child

In some circumstances, the court may suspend or award visitation and parenting time based on the parent complying with conditions such as attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or getting therapy. I can help you negotiate with the court to establish your parental rights and help you maintain your relationship with your child.

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