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Divorce and Separation

Just like every marriage is different, so is every divorce.  Sekula Law Offices will work with you to design a divorce plan that works best for you, based on your unique circumstances.  I will take the time to listen to you in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and legal goals throughout the divorce process.

When commencing a divorce, a lawsuit may be filed so that the matter is assigned to a Judge.  Some litigated divorces end in trial but many settle before then.  Filing a court case allows the parties to have the benefit of the structured court process.

Filing a lawsuit is a common practice when beginning a divorce but it is not the only way.  Parties can choose to participate in mediation and/or an Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE).  

In a mediation, a neutral mediator facilitates communication between the parties and assists them towards reaching a settlement.  The mediator is not allowed to advise either party.  Sometimes the attorney(s) are present and sometimes they are not.  Mediation works well for parties that are sincere in their efforts to quickly and amicably resolve their pending issues.  However, meditation may not be appropriate for all parties, especially if there has been domestic violence.

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is similar to mediation because there is a neutral thirty-party facilitating communication.  However, the neutral also provides evaluative feedback, including potential settlement options and what they think a Judge would do if a contested matter went before the Court.  Parties may choose to participate in a Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) to resolve social issues, such as custody and parenting time.  Parties may also choose to participate in a Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) to resolve financial issues in the divorce.

Participating in one of these options frequently provides clients with reasonable results at a small percentage of the cost, time and stress that a trial would entail.

Sometimes, parties decide to jointly file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  Although the dissolution and the final terms may not be contested, it is always recommended that the parties sit down with an attorney to review the terms of the agreement before signing anything.  Sekula Law Offices offers limited scope representation and can assist you in reviewing final agreements.