• I hired Amanda to help me with some complicated family law issues. I talked to a few lawyers before hiring her and they were all good. They all had a plan on how to attack the issue and seemed familiar with the statutes and were absolutely competent but there was something special about Amanda. Amanda had a Plan A, B, and C and appeared just as eager as I was to complete the case. The confidence she had just inspired me to trust her and I’m glad I did. She is so kind and empathetic while listening to your story which really is necessary with family law cases because they are extra emotionally charged. Leading up to court she explained everything that would happen to ease my fears. She had a plan for everything the judge could say and how she would respond. It was still nerve wracking but I was confident walking into the court room. She advocated for me every time the court pushed back on something we asked for, and we each time they eventually agreed. In the end we were victorious! I’m sure some of the other lawyers could have gotten the same results but the personal touches saved me some mental and emotional anguish. She is very ethical in her practices. She is up front about her costs, there are no surprises on the bill. She is respectful of your retainer and doesn’t waste it willy-nilly. I recommend her to anyone in need of a family law attorney.  - NK


  • I admit I was a little worried about hiring a lawyer for my dissolution because I had this idea that they increased tension between parties and made for a more combative experienced. I couldn't have been more wrong. Although Amanda was clearly my advocate and worked hard for me, hiring her actually sped the process and made it less contentious as she eliminated uncertainty over the law and she took care of correspondence, even somewhat firm correspondence when needed, instead of it being me, which was really very helpful. She is incredibly responsive, highly knowledgeable, reassuring, and funny. (Funny matters when you're going through something like this). I felt fully supported and as if she understood what was important to me and her advocacy reflected my values and what I wanted out of the process. She is terrific. - H CW​


  • This law firm has everything that I needed. It was affordable, Mrs. Mason-Sekula was caring, knowledgeable and was able to help me in a professional and courteous manner. I would recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a lawyer. -S A


  • Amanda is a fantastic attorney, always easily reachable, and fairly priced.  Highly recommend! - EP


  • Amanda is an amazing attorney. My case is VERY litigious and complex. Opposing counsel showed to be very difficult and Amanda handled this with professionalism and stride. I would and have recommended her to friend's and strangers I don't know that I overhear speaking of family law issues. Her knowledge in law is amazing. If you have a family court matter or any legal matter, do not second guess retaining Amanda as your attorney! - LC